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Dae Myoung Instrument Technology

DMIT, Korea (Dae Myoung Instrument Technology Inc.) has engaged in distributing gas meter and water meter including heat meter. Their products include gas meter, meter, diaphragm gas meter, measuring equipment for gas, etc.

Domestic Diaphragm Gas Meter

  • G1.6~G6- Pressure : up to 50kpa- follow OIML R137 recommendation- Pulser can be mounted on the factory
Applicable Gas
  • City gas, LPG, Natural Gas
  • DMIT gas meter is high accurate meter meeting international standard (OIML) and Korea standard.
  • High quality synthetic resin with excellent rub-resistance is used for smooth rotation of movement, so it can measure insignificant volume (Qmin) accurately.
  • Noise is minimized by using precious rotary valve and valve seat.
  • Drain pan of gas meter inlet collects foreign material and prevents frozen by moisture in winter.
  • This product differential pressure(%) performance excellent because the material of diaphragm is durable against low and high temperature and water proofing with mp deformation.
  • Differential pressure (%) is very stable by differential pressure adjustment (0.2Qmax~Qmax)function comparing to others.

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We are an official authorized distributor of global leading brands. We sell and supply high-quality products from Rochester Gauges Inc, RegO US, Life Guard Technologies Inc, Italian Geca Gas Detection System. Korea Gas Engineering Gas Equipment, Korea DMiT Gas Meter and Turkey Atilim Makine LP-Gas.

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