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RegO Cryogenic & Industrial Gas Products

RegO® is the preferred manufacturer of specialty valve and control parts for the liquid gas industry in the world. Producing quality products since 1908. Clean Industry, Alternate Fuels, and Innovation.

Cryogenic Cylinder Equipment

  • The T9450 and T9460 series valves are designed for use on portable cryogenic cylinders and other in-line shut-off valve applications.
  • Spring loaded stem seal automatically adjusts
  • Non-rising stem and low profile
  • Unique pressure-sealed moisture
  • Conical swivel seal design
  • Cleaned for liquid oxygen service per CGA G-4.1.
  • Maximum working pressure is 600 PSIG. (41.3 Bar)
  • Working temperature range is -320°F to +165°F.

Relief Valves

  • 9400 relief valves are specifically designed for thermal line safety relief applications and cryogenic liquid containers.
  • All valves are cleaned and packaged for oxygen service
  • Bubble tight at 95% of set pressure
  • Easy to read color coded psig / bar labels
  • Tamper resistant
  • Adapters provide standard pipe thread connections
  • Repeatable performance
  • 100% factory tested
  • Temperatures Range -320° to +165° F. (-196ºC to +74ºC
  • Rated for gas service only.

Repair Kits

  • CG-500 RegO® and Goddard Products for Cryogenic & Industrial Gas equipment
  • RegO Cryogenic Catalog
    • CG-500 Chinese Version
    • CG-500 Russian Version
  • RegO Flow Controls Catalog
  • CG-105 Cryogenic Application Guide

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We are an official authorized distributor of global leading brands. We sell and supply high-quality products from Rochester Gauges Inc, RegO US, Life Guard Technologies Inc, Italian Geca Gas Detection System. Korea Gas Engineering Gas Equipment, and Korea DMiT Gas Meter.

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